This is my new blog where I’ll be talking about my favorite Web services and Micro-services patterns.

Specifically, this discusses a number of available data storage options in and stores the Main Spots list fetched from a web service using a simple app.
Moreover,  it discusses the various options that developers have in order to make their apps location-aware, and this also
covers how to add logic to determine a device’s location, the address of a location, and display a location in the map app.

Between the various options, there’s one for integrating with a device camera to capture a picture and upload the captured photo to a web service using the HTTP multi-part form upload.

The Main Spots web service simple application provides a list of Spots available on the server and the App can create a new Spots record in the server database.

View Main Spots here

You have the chance to get your own web service by acquire a cheaper hosting space,  you can populate it with your preferred photos and comments.  Getting started with your custom SpotsApp mobile application that point to your custom web service.